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Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for submitting content at Napa Valley TV.

Video Production Basics

Learn the basics of video production for making your own show.

Location Release

A simple sample of a location release form.

Channel Use Agreement

Napa Valley TV's Channel Use Agreement.

Slide Creation Guide

Guide for creating slides for the NVTV Community Bulletin Board.

Field Camera Manual

Manual for our field cameras available for check out.

Equipment check out form

Napa Valley TV's Equipment Check Out Form.

Policies & Procedures

Napa Valley TV's Policies and Procedures.

Guide for Hosts and Guests

What hosts and guests should know before being part of a show.

Producer's copyright release

A simple sample of a producer's copyright release form.

NVTV Logo Bundle

Two hi-res versions of the NVTV logo.

Talent Release Form

A simple sample of a talent release form.

Equipment Checkout Rules

Rules for checking out the equipment at Napa Valley TV.

Live Show Policies

Napa Valley TV's Live Show Policies & Procedures.