Non Profits

Take Advantage Of Napa Valley TV's Free Services

Public Service Announcements (PSA’s)

Our PSA services are one of several free Community Services we provide to help Nonprofit Organizations in Napa County get their message out. Whether your nonprofit is a girl scout troop, church, local fire department, or family resource center we are happy to help you make a one minute free video PSA.

It is not necessary to be a member of Napa Valley TV to produce a PSA. To make an appointment email Justin or Contact Us

We will, at your request, additionally place your PSA on our YouTube Channel and/or distribute an audio file of your PSA to a radio station(s). Our public access radio partner, KBBF 89.1 FM, will air your Napa Valley TV PSA in English or Spanish on their station, which services Napa and Sonoma Counties. Please bring a flash drive to your appointment if you wish to take a copy with you.

For more information on how to prepare for your free PSA Click Here

Napa Valley TV Community Bulletin Board

Our television bulletin board is a free community service Napa Valley TV provides to assist Nonprofit Organizations in Napa County. The bulletin board consists of a series of informational slides that run every day before and after shows on Channels 27 and 28. Channel 28 slides promote a variety of local events, information, and resources, for the residents of Napa County. Channel 27 focuses on information and resources for students and parents of students going to school in Napa County. You may submit PowerPoint slides and/or text and photos to us to put on our community bulletin board. We will use your content to prepare a slide formatted for optimal visibility on TV.

To Submit slides please send completed slides or slide information and graphics to

For tips on how to make TV ready slides for the Community Bulletin Board download our Slide Guide: Click Here

Note: Information on events that you would like to promote on the Community Bulletin Board must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the event in order to receive enough exposure time on TV.


Napa Valley TV collaborates regularly with public and private schools, training teachers and students, airing student programs on TV, assisting in special video production projects, and much more. Take a look at the informational handouts below for details.

Teacher Training & School Memberships
10 Ways for Teachers and Students to Utilize Napa Valley TV
A Great Place For Teens And Families

Video and TV Production Are Great Career Skills
Media / Entertainment are one of several industry clusters most responsible for our state’s economic growth. TV and video production foster marketable, 21st century learning skills and the “4 C’s” that are a priority of schools today. Critical thinking, Collaboration, Creativity and Communication. Most of all, students like TV and video production because it’s FUN!

We look forward to serving you and your students.