About Us

Napa Valley TV is a non-profit, non-commercial PEG TV station serving Napa County since the 1970s. We are a trusted media resource providing the community with the tools they need to produce their own TV program in our state-of-the-art 4K studio.


Napa Public Access Cable Television’s mission is to provide anyone living or working in Napa County the opportunity to exercise his or her First Amendment right to expression through access to the cable television system.


In support of this mission, NPACT has adopted the following vision: Napa Valley TV will be recognized statewide as a model for public access cable television.

Programming Priorities

NPACT specifically wishes to encourage programming designed to meet the general and specific needs of the Napa Community and to reflect the values and interests of the community. Accordingly, NPACT encourages programming of the following nature:

  1. Programs produced in Napa, involving subjects, events, or people unique to the community.
  2. Programs that educate the community in general or particular groups within the community about issues that affect it.
  3. Programs which represent “narrow-casting”, which may be programs of limited interest and scope due to the fact that the audience for these programs are small, and/or are underserved by traditional broadcast or print media.
  4. Programs exercising lawful free speech particularly when the viewpoint has little or no access to mainstream media.
  5. Programs tailored to the needs of the entire Napa community.
  6. Programs, which are innovative and free from traditional restrictions on length, format or subject.
  7. Quality programs on subject matter demonstrating artistic or technical excellence or extraordinary effort in the planning, production or editing of the program.