Now accepting donations for Live Televised Sports Fundraising!

Napa Valley TV is looking for funding to acquire and dedicate Video Production Equipment for live broadcasting of various High School sports games throughout the year. We currently air existing live sports programs on Comcast CH 27 and AT&T U-Verse CH 99.

Our goal is to have select sports games filmed by students. We will not only create value-added programming to Napa Valley TV, but will teach students a hands-on 21st Century Project-Based Learning skills approach to education.

$40,000 in funding is sought to purchase video equipment and pay staff training fees for initial and on-going support for the first year of all live sports broadcasts.

Our initial test launch with single camera coverage has been extremely successful! Vintage High School students have taken on the task of coverage several sports games throughout the year. Most recently was our first successful multi-cam production of the historic “Live Televised Big Game” coverage of Napa vs. Vintage High School football! This was very well received in the press and in the public. A volunteer crew of seven High School Students produced this game: 1 Director, 1 Graphics Operator, 3 Camera Operators, and 2 Voice Announcers.

Project Description

If funded, this project will allow Napa Valley TV to videotape various high school sports. This model is sustainable as we will be working with high school students to assist us in producing these games.

To start, anticipated games to be covered are as follows: Five football games, ten soccer games, five basketball games, and four “Big Games” from Various Sports (Basketball, Soccer, Football, etc). Additional sports will eventually be added as well!

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Napa Valley TV is a tax exempt, non-profit organization and we can provide you a tax deductible receipt for any donation amount!