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Election 2020

November 3 – 7pm - 9pm

Ch. 27 & Ch. 28 (Comcast) and Ch. 99 (U-Verse)

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Welcome to Napa Valley TV

Napa Valley TV, a nonprofit, non-commercial TV station has offered community members, schools, nonprofits, and local government in Napa County the tools and training needed to produce their own TV programs on Comcast Channel 27 and 28, and AT&T U-Verse Channel 99. We ensure that the Napa Valley community can affordably access their right to broadcast programming on our regional cable TV channels per laws governing the cable TV industry. It is our responsibility to uphold the nation’s constitutional rights of free speech and broadcast the programs our members produce without restrictions of bias or prejudice.

Napa Valley TV’s mission is to stimulate community dialog, enhance understanding of the diverse and various people of our community, and to encourage civic participation. We actively seek to include a broad cross section of people living and working in our communities in the production, promotion and presentation of television programs.

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Contributions to Napa Valley TV are tax-deductible.

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Contributions to Napa Valley TV are tax-deductible.