The Three Stages of Production

Overall, there are three major steps to a successful video production:

“Pre-Production” (Planning before you actual shoot)
“Production” (The actual recording of your video program)
“Post-Production (Editing)

Preproduction represents the planning process, which probably is the most significant stage of the production, as everything else depends on how carefully the stages of production are anticipated. The elements of pre-production include planning, scripting, storyboarding, budgeting, assembling the cast and production team, and determining what equipment will be used. Effective preproduction planning greatly increases your chances of living through a catastrophe-free production phase.

Production is simply the recording of your production. This is where all the efforts from your pre-production phase pay off. Obviously, there is a lot also involved in the Production phase. You have to know about shot composition and how to properly frame a good shot, lighting, audio, and much more.

Post-Production is where you get the enjoyment of seeing your idea begin to take shape from a visual standpoint. The more common term for “Post-Production” is “Editing.” This is where you begin to piece your storyline together, fix errors that may have occurred in the Production process, add professional graphics, color correct, adjust audio levels, insert video or images to explain what someone is talking about on camera, etc. Editing really gives you the satisfaction of seeing your idea come together.

Over the next several blog posts, I’m going to begin talking about several steps, which will provide a breakdown of how to successfully create a video from start to finish. Remember, it all begins with your idea. For now, just understand the three main Production Phases and stay tuned to learn more of each step in detail!

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